Before you shop online again, DO THIS!

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Online shopping isn’t always as easy as it should be. Until NOW!

I love to shop and I hate to shop.

Sure, shopping is sort of pre-programmed into my female DNA (sorry to sound so stereotypical).  I honestly feel a strong need to stock up on household goods, clothing and necessities.  (This must be the ‘gatherer’ part of my DNA!)

When everything is all stocked up, I honestly feel a bit relieved and relaxed…which is then often quickly replaced with STRESS and REMORSE for the money I just spent.

This stress then becomes compounded that I am somehow MISSING OUT on some kind of coupon that I just KNOW is floating out there in cyberspace.

I then go back and waste a ton of time googling coupon codes that usually end up being expired…and by the time I get back to my online shopping cart, something has timed out or an item has been taken out of my cart for being sold out in my size.   That’s the ‘hate’ part of shopping for me….but….

I found something, along with a TON of other people that makes the shopping LESS STRESSFUL and actually MORE FUN – because I SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY doing this….Drum roll, please…..

EBATES!    Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

You’ve probably heard of the Ebates website or Ebates app before – afterall, they’ve been around for about 18 years and it’s a brilliant way to make shopping fun and profitable!  There’s over 1,800 stores to shop from – real stores that you shop at online anyway – like,,,….just to name a few.

When you shop online at one of their nearly 2000 online retailers, you earn a percentage of your sale back in the form of a quarterly check mailed straight to your home.  

PLUS, they organize all the stores coupon codes, discounts and specials for each store – so you never have to feel like your missing out on a deal!

How to get started:

Before you shop online again, DO THIS!
Free 10 Bucks!

Step 1: When you sign up for free with my referral affiliate link here, Ebates will deposit $10 into your Ebates account to get you started.  Once you complete your first transaction, the $10 bonus will be added into your overall proceeds and mailed to you with your first quarterly check!

Step 2: Shop!  Go to your Ebates website or app on your smart phone and login.   Search for the store you need and start shopping, saving and earning!

That’s it! It’s free to join, there are no strings and it’s credible company. Plus, it’s a GREAT way to earn some extra money for stuff you’re going to buy anyway and a GREAT way to be sure that you’re always getting the BEST DEAL!




Before you shop online again, DO THIS!
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Before you shop online again, DO THIS!
When you shop online it can be fun but it can also be stressful! Save money by never missing a coupon and MAKE money with this awesome tool!
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  1. Thanks for the money saving tips! Great ideas!

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