Cadbury Mini Eggs are the Devil

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the Devil
A Seasonal Addition?

So, those DAMN Cadbury Mini Eggs…….

They are the DEVIL in a beautiful spring-colored egg-shaped disguise.

I have a problem with them. A HUGE problem. But I rationalize it by saying it is only a SEASONAL problem. Every year, about a month and half before Easter, they are EVERYWHERE. I hold off for as long as I can, and I always end up buying them – but I hunt for those individual sized bags instead of the regular sized bags – because let’s face it – ANY bag is MY individual sized bag.  Not great for my addition OR my waistline.

But I’m also budget conscious. So, every year I have a plan.  Hold off as long as I can, and if I do relatively well, I hit CVS the Monday morning after Easter and clean house with those individual bags.  This year – I scored 53.

53 BAGS!

….But they were the individual ones.

But I’m ashamed to tell you, as of May 19th, they have LONG been gone.  Like gone nearly 3 weeks ago.

Part of me is embarrassed by my consumption, but the other part is PISSED that I didn’t work harder to score more. Then there’s that part of me saying, “Oh, hell….they are horrible for you.  You’ll get fat.  You’ll be mad at yourself.”

I hate that voice.

The only way I can reconcile that voice is if they are GIVEN to me.  That doesn’t count. Oh, you didn’t know?  Calories don’t count in chocolate when given to you as a gift.  That would be rude to not consume them enthusiastically and almost immediately.

And I was NOT rude.

In fact,  I was SO NOT RUDE that one night I felt asleep with the bag that had been given to me….in my bed.  With the mattress warmer turned on.  But not to worry,  I salvaged most of them the next morning.

Moving on…..

I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news first:  Turns out those suckers are NOT seasonal and can still be purchased.

The good news:  They still offer them in those individual bags. (Those pre-portioned bags regulate guilt, I swear.) Below is my affiliate link you can get them through for that colleague, friend…or yourself.

So, share with a friend…..or hoard them.

I won’t tell.

come on....tell Ma what you think!