Motherhood….and so much more


Motherhood...and so much more
Motherhood Changes EVERYTHING

Who is Ma anyway?

I’m a mother, a musician and artist, a comic, a wine drinker, and a sometimes coupon clipper. I love to sing and draw and make people laugh.  I love snowstorms and homemade macaroni and cheese.  While I’m passionate about family, motherhood and the world around me, I am fully aware that I screw up on a regular basis.  But nothing gets us through the screw ups like extra love, hearty laughs and sometimes a glass (or three!) of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Motherhood Happens

For several years, I had a successful full-time corporate sales career and later let that go to become a full-time Stay-At-Home-Mother (SAHM).  I’ve also done combinations of both the outside career and the SAHM thing with consulting and part-time work in the field.  I loved the thrill of the deal and was good at it.  Really good. But then this crazy thing happened to me.  It’s called MOTHERHOOD.  And it changed EVERYTHING. My priorities changed and I looked at the world in a completely different way.  This transformation caught me by surprise but was beautiful and necessary and I’m so grateful for it.

I was married to the biological father of my two beautiful children for several years until one day I found myself as a single mother figuring out how we were going to not only survive, but thrive.  There was trauma, tears, and a complete rebuilding of our lives. But what emerged was something so beautiful and unbreakable that I am eternally grateful for the struggle.

Why This Blog….

My experiences have forced me to learn more about myself, my priorities and what truly is most important.  Along the way, I’ve learned new skills, discovered some exciting interests and connected with passions worth sharing.  This site is that collection….and this is why I’m here today – to share and to grow.

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Motherhood....and so much more
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Motherhood....and so much more
Who is Ma? A mother, musician, artist, comic, & wine lover. She's been a working mom, a SAHM, and survived marriage, divorce, dating and single motherhood.
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