My #1 Trick to Enjoy Leftover Wine

I love wine.

Leftover wine tricks!
I love wine too much to throw any of its deliciousness down the drain!

I usually enjoy a glass with my supper and sometimes another glass later on.  Sure, I love the relaxing effect it has on me, but I also love the color, the aromas, the nuances in taste…and for me (and I know this makes me sound like a pretentious wine snob, but I swear to you that I am not) wine is….art.  There. I said it.  Go ahead and laugh at me and say how silly Ma is, but it’s my truth.

It’s also my truth that I don’t spend a lot on this art.  Well, I kind of do and I have when I’m stocking up, but I’m talking per bottle.  I usually won’t spend more than $10 per bottle and a $10 bottle is a treat.

leftover wine
Can anyone REALLY argue the greatness that the Red Sox is?

(Yes, there have been times I have spent $15 for a bottle that I looooove and that ONE TIME that I bought a $23 bottle – but it was only because that $15 bottle I love so much had a label of the Red Sox on it and come ON….the Red Sox – GREATEST TEAM EVER!   So, I bought it to drink for the next time they win the world series…It’s still in my basement waiting.  But I digress.)

But usually, on average, I spend somewhere between $5 and $10 a bottle.  And for me – that’s still money and I don’t want to waste it.  I want to enjoy every last drop of my ‘art’.  (he-he)

It’s often hard to predict exactly how much I’m going to have on a particular evening.  Sometimes, it’s one glass (ok, rarely) but sometimes it’s more.  And a ‘glass’ is different for everyone.  When I pour, I pour in a large glass to allow for ample breathing and swirling room (I know, I sound like that pretentious you-know-what again, but stay with me here.)

But when someone else pours me a glass, sometimes they look at the size of the glass as some sort of challenge and put waaaay too much in it.  Not that I’m complaining.  And not that I can’t power through it – a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do -but sometimes, it would just be too much.

I started to notice that  I was ‘done’ with my wine before the glass was empty.  I would leave the glass on the counter to pour down the drain the next morning.  It made me sad.  Sad because – HELLO – it’s WINE, and it’s awesome – but sad because I was pouring money down the drain. (Check out other ways I save money here and here!)

So, I came up with a solution.

Instead of worrying about pouring JUST the right amount every time, or feeling pressure to finish a glass when I’m truly done for the night, I poured whatever was left into a mason jar.

Yup. A mason jar. Super simple. Super Easy. Works super well.

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I screw the wide mouth ring over with the seal and leave it on the counter.   The next night, I pour what’s in the mason jar in a fresh glass.  And it’s WONDERFUL.  It’s naturally been aerated and decanted by being in the mason jar but tastes good because it’s been sealed overnight in the jar, much like an open bottle that’s been corked.

I love this hack. It makes me so HAPPY!  No more sad!

leftover wine
Never wasting delicious wine makes me so happy! Ok, I know it’s a bit dramatic….but hey, whatever. Go pour yourself a glass of deliciousness.

It works, it’s not gross – like pouring it back into the bottle – ICK.  It’s frugal and tastes great because of the treatment of it.  And no pressure to drink more than I want or feeling bad because I’m wasting money.

Try it.

I’ve only tried it with red wine, because that’s what I drink nine months of the year – I only drink the whites and roses in the summer – but let me know if you try it with a white wine and how it works out.  It realize that it sounds a bit odd (and now you KNOW that I am the furthest thing from pretentious…and are probably thinking I’m a weirdo, but whatever.  My blog, my rules – Ha!)  .

Come on…try it and tell me what you think!

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Here’s to another wonderful glass!


My #1 Trick to Enjoy Leftover Wine
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My #1 Trick to Enjoy Leftover Wine
Don't pour the rest of that glass of wine down the sink! And you DON'T have to cook with wine leftovers either! Here's my easy and best trick.
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come on....tell Ma what you think!